Invite as speaker

Prashakth Kamath is a dynamic business and marketing speaker. His unique background and knowledge covers a broad range of topics on everything from sales and leadership to digital media and cutting edge marketing.

He speaks at educational institutes and colleges to inspire the youth of India. He never takes anything (neither in cash nor in kind) for the same and conducts it at not-for-profit organisations only (not for corporates).

Digital Marketing Business Strategy

In today’s clickable culture, it is crucial for your business to develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy in order to be successful. Learn from Prashakth’s diverse work experience to develop cutting edge and results driven digital marketing strategy. You will walk away with key action items you can use immediately to greatly increase your brand presence and secure long term sustainable success online.

Train the Trainer & Mentoring

Youth Motivation: How to avoid brain drain and start brain gain?

How to work with an entrepreneurial mindset? Developing a CAN DO Attitude

Mastering Selling, Marketing & Negotiation Skills

How sharing is the best form of learning?

Team Building

It’s not about Being Human, but Doing Human

Contact Prashakth today to book for your next event!


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