An Open Letter to All – Make It Happen & Happy Women’s Day

Dear all men, I recently watched the entire BBC documentary on “India’s Daughter”. It was shocking to see that the criminals who committed such an heinous crime didn’t have any regrets on their face. Infact they were blaming the girl whom they gang raped and brutally murdered for their actions. Not only that their lawyers too blamed the girl. This is an utterly shameful act. Such criminals should be hanged publically. Neways I am not going to beat around the bush on that topic.

men-of-quality-women-rightsFor all the educated and civilized men out there think about this: How many of us and our family actually practice gender equality to the core? Believing and saying this is very easy but let’s look among ourselves, our family, relatives and friends and then ask this question again? Can we really say that all our actions towards men and women are equal? I am afraid – In most cases the answer is No. I have spent almost my entire life in Mumbai and it feels sad to say that we still live in such a society where the educated men’s still ill-treat and disrespect the women. Many of us are so judgemental that if a guy roams around with a group of girls he is categorized as a ‘Stud’ but if a girl roams around with a group of guys she is categorized as a ‘Sl*t’. We still live in a society where the men want to date the modern girls but don’t want to marry them because they don’t fall into the so called MM (i.e. Marriage Material) category. We still live in a society where educated women are asked to leave their career and only take care of the family after marriage. This is the scenario of most of the people in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and I am sure in other major cities of India. In rural India and other small towns the scenarios would be even more worse. The problem is not lack of education but our mindset towards the women. We need to change this attitude and mindset by treating them equal, giving them more respect not only by our words but more importantly by our actions.

Dear all women, Firstly– Wishing all of you a very Happy Women’s Day! I want to say that I really do love your gender. I have learned a lot about myself through relationships with some of you. And without you, I wouldn’t have lead such a grateful life till now, so thanks! I am thankful to God and also feel proud to say that I come from a family where the women have always been considered superior than men. Read more about this in my other blog:

This women’s day I wholeheartedly accept in this forum that women are much more superior then men. On behalf of all the good men – We would like to apologize and accept that we can’t protect you 24*7 and given that truth the only one who can protect you is ‘You’. I have a small request for you – Learn self defense. If any guy teases, misbehaves or tries to touch you kick him in the balls. Cut off his bloody manhood which he is proud of.

Last but not the least this International women’s day, I wish you more power to face your fears and fight against all inequalities. Make It Happen.

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Journey of ‘Flipkart’ from ‘Flopkart’ to ‘FansHeart’.

Why I love Flipkart?

Being a strong advocate of entrepreneurship and ‘Stop Brain Drain, Start Brain Gain’ concept, I have always loved Flipkart as a company and have had a good online buying experience with them until now. In just 8-9 years this company went from selling books to being a market leader and completely revolutionizing the Indian ecommerce industry, Flipkart has redefined big in many ways in the year 2014. Be it the big acquisition of Myntra (for an estimated $300 million), or the big funding of $1 billion, It has become the Big Daddy of the ever growing billion dollar Indian Ecommerce Industry and has made global big players like Amazon take notice.

What actually happened with me on #BigBillionDay?

Backdrop: Like everyone I too was geared up for a once-in-a-lifetime sale thanks to massive Flipkart PR of the #BigBillionDay.

7:45 am: Flipkart becomes ‘FraudKart’ and then ‘EmptyKart’ 😦

  • Logged into Flipkart. At sharp 8 am I clicked on all the deals that was being offered at a price of Rs 1 to Rs 99/- but to my surprise whenever I clicked on Buy it said ‘Out of Stock.’ I didn’t really understand how come in few secs/mins all this product was ‘Out of Stock.’
  • After all, so many are trying at the same time. Hard luck, may be. With this thought I clicked on other products and found out that the price of that product was automatically increasing in every few secs or mins.
  • The information on the website was misleading. The cart was not been updated real time. The user experience on the website was really bad. Most of the product was either ‘Out of Stock’ or it gave a ‘Server error’ message. I tried my best for 30 mins and then I gave up.

9:00 am – Till evening: Snapdeal and Amazon trolls on Flipkart with an amazing marketing strategy.

  • On my way to office I read Snapdeal’s amazing counter marketing strategy on Flipkart with it’s full size ad in Times of India that stated “For other’s it’s a big day, for us, today is no different. Check before you buy”.
  • In the evening it was Amazon’s turn, they purchased the domain and temporarily redirected to They have removed the redirection now. A very strategic move to divert traffic and sales conversion to Amazon using Flipkart’s trended keyword 🙂 Sheer Masterstroke from Amazon.

A day after #BigBillionDay? – Flipkart touches it’s ‘CustomersHeart’ by apologizing for it’s #BigBillionDay Goof up

We all make mistakes and Flipkart understood that there was a big threat to it’s long term brand recognition and in the process tried it’s best to make amends by sending out an apology to all of it’s customers.

You can read the entire text of the apology letter by clicking here

Who won? Who lost? My Analysis:

  • Flipkart had created an Indian e-commerce history by achieving its sales target of $100 million (Rs 600 crore) in sales in just 10 hours but it’s biggest sale was selling it’s credibility with it’s overhyped PR, over-promising too and under-delivering too less 😦
  • Flipkart should have maintained complete transparency by having enough stock or should have mentioned besides the product listing the total quantity of the products available or remaining real time.
  • Is it the e-Way? The other big e-commerce players like Snapdeal and cashed in to Flipkart’s aggressive #BigBillionDay advertising and gained an edge by making record sales too. Snapdeal CEO Kunal Bahl said that Snapdeal sold goods worth Rs 1 crore per minute. According to this piece in the Economic Times, Swati Bhargava, CEO of CashKaro, an online cash back site which directs user traffic to e-commerce sites claimed that Amazon was the most trending site on #BigBillionDay.
  • Unhappy Flipkart’s customers showed their dissatisfaction with their social uproars and online bashing. Below are some of their tweets:FKart1Fkart2

My Final Verdict:

IMG_83857694574082According to me Flipkart lost the #BigBillionDay 1st round battle to Amazon and Snapdeal. Flipkart itself had to be blamed for this as it made all the noise and faltered when mattered.

But being an ardent admirer of Flipkart team led by its visionary founders and what it has achieved as a company in just few years I am very much hopeful that it will learn from it’s mistakes and bounce back stronger and regain it’s lost brand value and credibility. Their earnest apology letter is their 1st step in correcting their mistakes.

As a consumer, I cannot wait for the Big Billion Day in 2015. The battle among the three giants will be bigger and the discounts for all of us will be steeper.

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My Review on Adlabs Imagica Theme Park | Mumbai – Maharashtra Tourist Attractions

It’s been quite a while since I have written a review about anything. I had visited Imagica with my office team-mates on 26th November 2013! Being a week day the crowd’s were not as much as it is during the weekends. We reached the park around 10:30 am and left the park around 8:30 pm.

First and fore-most, Adlabs Imagica is an entertainment theme park and not an amusement park. It is full of rides and thrilling experiences. The park was made opened to public on 18th April 2013. The park timings are from 11 am – 9 pm and the rides are open only till 8 pm.

Now to the Rides:


Must Visit: I for India, Mr. India – The Ride, Curse of Salimgarh (Horror Attraction)

Average : Wrath of the Gods – It’s like a strict play. I didn’t find it that exciting. Go only if you have time and don’t find queue.


Must Visit: Alibaba aur Chalis Chorr – Loved the ambience being created for this. Must Visit.

The Magic Carousel – This is suited for the kids. Adults can give it a skip. Nothing unique about this ride.

Americana (Don’t skip anything in this zone. This is the USP of Adlabs Imagica. All rides are thrilling and adventurous):

Must Visit: Scream Machine, The Gold Rush Express, Nitro, D2 Dare Drop

Jambo Africa:

Must Visit: Rajasaurus River Adventure –It was not operational when I had visited.

Mambo Chai Chama – Nothing unique about this ride. Disappointing. You can skip this 😦


Must Visit: Deep Space (Don’t miss this at any cost. One of the highlights of Imagica), Motion Box Theatre – 4D effects

Cinema 360 – Prince of the Dark Waters – Kids would love this movie. Amazing Cinematic experience.

Viva Europa (This zone is specially suited for kids and for relaxation. Ideally visit this zone after lunch or during evening time)

Must Visit : Splash Ahoy (This is a fun water ride. Adults and Kids both will love this)

Average : Bandits of Robin Hood, Loch Ness Expplorers, Save the Pirate, Bump it Boats, Tubbby Takes Off (Merry – go – around)

Food & Shopping:

Roberto’s Food Coaster, The Imagica Village – Shopping, Arrmada – For Coffee, ZeZe Bar + Grill Restaurant, Red Bonnet American Dinner, The Imagica Capital – Buffet Restaurant

What I liked:

– The division of the part into 6 zones viz Asiana, Arabia, Viva Europa, India, America and Jambo Africa. Each zones had a theme.

– The security arrangements as well as the efforts and attention to detail behind making rides in order to ensure the thrill and the excitement remains intact till the last.

– Kudos to the staff working at Imagica. They were courteous, well-trained and also super helpful.

My Cheat codes:

– Try to visit Imagica preferably during weekdays as it would be comparatively less crowded than weekends.

–  It’s almost impossible to complete all the rides and the entire park in a single day if you start badly? So aim to get into the park as soon it opens at 11 am. This would reduce the long waiting period for each rides to some extent.

–  After 7 pm there is relatively less waiting period for rides as most of the people leave Imagica by 7 pm. For ex: there was 0 waiting period for us to take a ride of Deep Space in the evening after 7:45 pm whereas the waiting period for the same in the afternoon was around 30-45 mins.

–  The park is more suited for adults and not for kids especially for those whose height is less than 4 feet. For more info please check this out. Rides for children’s :

–  Food: There are 5 different restaurants at the park that serve various cuisines. There’s a free entry for children below 3 years. There are currently no ATM facilities within the park.

Overall, Thumbs Up from my end! I would rate Adlabs Imagica 4.5/5 🙂

70th Independence Day – Imagining a Developed India.

To celebrate 70th Independence Day – 15th August 2016, I’d like to first dedicate some lines from a prayer for our countrymen.

Oh Almighty, bless all my people to work and transform 
Our country from a developing into a developed nation. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAYFAAAAJDRhODJkNTRkLTliN2ItNGFiMC04OGEwLTJiMjA0YmEzYzJhYw
Let this second vision be born out of sweat of my people, 
And bless our youth to live in Developed India. 

Being Indian and Proud to be Indian- Today I would like to share a conversation that I heard two days back between a group of youth [In the age group 22-30 yrs] in Mumbai Local Train the so called “Life line of Mumbai”

1st person said “Yaar kal 15th Aug ki chutti hai. Chal koi outing plan karte hai”

To which the 2nd person replied.”Sahi hai yaar.Mujhe bhi kal chutti hai.Chal Matheran jaate hai.Aaj mere office mai Independence day Celebration hai.”

Now the 3rd person replied,” Mere office mai bhi Aaj Independence Day Celebration Hai,Pura Din Time pass hoga. Kaash yeh Independence Day har month aata, Desh ka toh koi chance nahi hai par hum sab ka toh bala hoga” To which everyone started laughing.

Hearing this conversation, Some questions came across my mind.

Is this the way Majority of the Youth (known as the Future of India) think? I seriously hope no, But If yes, then Can India ever become a Developed Nation??

Is Patriotism just a mere word which is known to most, but felt by few?? 

Feeling of Patriotism arises only during the Indian Cricket Matches, Independence Day, Republic Day and during the National Anthem played in the Theaters. 

The tastes of most of the Youth has indeed changed.

– Videsh is preferred over Swades. 

– Being Practical & Thinking about Yourself is considered “IN FASHION”& Being Patriotic and Thinking about others or society or country is considered as “OUT OF FASHION”! 

– Delhi Belly is Loved & appreciated and given a Super Hit Verdict. Swades, Jodha Akbar, Lakshya for most is not entertaining, very long and an okay movie. 

I don’t believe in discriminating individuals based on caste or religion and above all I am Indian first and wish every person of this country try to understand this huge responsibility of Freedom …..

I proudly salute all the men and women of our armed forces,naval forces and air force and also their families.

I have a lot to write but let me close this post with a simple message :- 

Remember, it’s not the policies, it’s not the government. Its not the figures, its not
the projections. It’s not the surveys, its not the experts. It is the Youth and their dreams that is going to define and change the face of new India .

Chal Chale…Jo Tum Chalo, Toh Hum Chale 
Aur Jo Hum Chale, Toh Hindustan Chale.

+++ Building friendships – A world full of love +++

It’s been a while since I have written anything & there could not be any thing better to write about than the Friendship Day. When the entire world is bragging about ‘True Friendship’ by sharing Friendship day posts and tagging their friends on ‘Facebook’ & tweeting about it on ‘Twitter’…how could I be left behind? So let me begin my post by wishing all my friends all over the world a very Happy Friendship Day (HFD).

Happy Friendship Day - PK

I love making friends and have been truly blessed to have such a great friend circle which has always increased. This post is a small tribute to all my living friends which includes all my best friends, good friends, school & college friends, office friends, area friends, Internet friends (MS/FB/Twitter etc) so on & so forth and also Non living friends that consists of all the books that I have read, Experiences that I had etc. Everybody has their own definition of ‘Friendship’. For me ‘ True friendship’ = 100% Trust + Comfort, 0% Ego & 0% Jealousy.

I believe we LIVE in a so called ‘Practical world’ today which we are so proud of that somewhere down the line we tend to overlook the delicate, intricate bond of friendship.. We live in a world where people are connected more electronically & less emotionally, where there are more options available. It hurts but it’s a truth. Human beings are best when it comes to adaptability & hence as and when we change environments we make more new friends and in the process most of the times tend to forget our old friends as we take them for granted. This gives rise to ego clashes and continues for days, then months & then years until that very essence of friendship disappears and the only way then we remain in touch with them is by wishing them a very HFD once a year via sms or FB/Twitter or some other electronic means 😦 Sad, once our partners-in-crime now just become a small part of a day once a year!

Let’s change this. Let’s ensure that our friendship don’t go down the same way as mentioned above. Let’s not forget our old friends in the process of finding the new ones. Let’s use this opportunity & celebrate friendship day in its truest sense by connecting emotionally & not electronically! Let’s forget our ego’s if any, take time from our so called busy schedule and keep the spirit of friendship alive by celebrating friendship day everyday. Let’s get back to our so called partners-in-crime & continue the unforgettable legacy of Total Madness & leg pulling sessions, Crazy night-outs/parties, Adventure Trips & Hangouts etc.

Remember, The greatest gift that we can give to our friend is the gift of our time.

I end my post with a special mention to all my friends. Thank you for being there & enriching my life and making it worth living with your ever-lasting presence.

“Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend.” ~ Albert Camus

Disclaimer: This post is my personal views & is not intended to hurt anybody’s sentiments. Any co-incidence to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental 🙂