Month: March 2015

An Open Letter to All – Make It Happen & Happy Women’s Day

Dear all men, I recently watched the entire BBC documentary on “India’s Daughter”. It was shocking to see that the criminals who committed such an heinous crime didn’t have any regrets on their face. Infact they were blaming the girl whom they gang raped and brutally murdered for their actions. Not only that their lawyers too blamed the girl. This is an utterly shameful act. Such criminals should be hanged publically. Neways I am not going to beat around the bush on that topic.

men-of-quality-women-rightsFor all the educated and civilized men out there think about this: How many of us and our family actually practice gender equality to the core? Believing and saying this is very easy but let’s look among ourselves, our family, relatives and friends and then ask this question again? Can we really say that all our actions towards men and women are equal? I am afraid – In most cases the answer is No. I have spent almost my entire life in Mumbai and it feels sad to say that we still live in such a society where the educated men’s still ill-treat and disrespect the women. Many of us are so judgemental that if a guy roams around with a group of girls he is categorized as a ‘Stud’ but if a girl roams around with a group of guys she is categorized as a ‘Sl*t’. We still live in a society where the men want to date the modern girls but don’t want to marry them because they don’t fall into the so called MM (i.e. Marriage Material) category. We still live in a society where educated women are asked to leave their career and only take care of the family after marriage. This is the scenario of most of the people in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and I am sure in other major cities of India. In rural India and other small towns the scenarios would be even more worse. The problem is not lack of education but our mindset towards the women. We need to change this attitude and mindset by treating them equal, giving them more respect not only by our words but more importantly by our actions.

Dear all women, Firstly– Wishing all of you a very Happy Women’s Day! I want to say that I really do love your gender. I have learned a lot about myself through relationships with some of you. And without you, I wouldn’t have lead such a grateful life till now, so thanks! I am thankful to God and also feel proud to say that I come from a family where the women have always been considered superior than men. Read more about this in my other blog:

This women’s day I wholeheartedly accept in this forum that women are much more superior then men. On behalf of all the good men – We would like to apologize and accept that we can’t protect you 24*7 and given that truth the only one who can protect you is ‘You’. I have a small request for you – Learn self defense. If any guy teases, misbehaves or tries to touch you kick him in the balls. Cut off his bloody manhood which he is proud of.

Last but not the least this International women’s day, I wish you more power to face your fears and fight against all inequalities. Make It Happen.

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