My Review on Adlabs Imagica Theme Park | Mumbai – Maharashtra Tourist Attractions

It’s been quite a while since I have written a review about anything. I had visited Imagica with my office team-mates on 26th November 2013! Being a week day the crowd’s were not as much as it is during the weekends. We reached the park around 10:30 am and left the park around 8:30 pm.

First and fore-most, Adlabs Imagica is an entertainment theme park and not an amusement park. It is full of rides and thrilling experiences. The park was made opened to public on 18th April 2013. The park timings are from 11 am – 9 pm and the rides are open only till 8 pm.

Now to the Rides:


Must Visit: I for India, Mr. India – The Ride, Curse of Salimgarh (Horror Attraction)

Average : Wrath of the Gods – It’s like a strict play. I didn’t find it that exciting. Go only if you have time and don’t find queue.


Must Visit: Alibaba aur Chalis Chorr – Loved the ambience being created for this. Must Visit.

The Magic Carousel – This is suited for the kids. Adults can give it a skip. Nothing unique about this ride.

Americana (Don’t skip anything in this zone. This is the USP of Adlabs Imagica. All rides are thrilling and adventurous):

Must Visit: Scream Machine, The Gold Rush Express, Nitro, D2 Dare Drop

Jambo Africa:

Must Visit: Rajasaurus River Adventure –It was not operational when I had visited.

Mambo Chai Chama – Nothing unique about this ride. Disappointing. You can skip this 😦


Must Visit: Deep Space (Don’t miss this at any cost. One of the highlights of Imagica), Motion Box Theatre – 4D effects

Cinema 360 – Prince of the Dark Waters – Kids would love this movie. Amazing Cinematic experience.

Viva Europa (This zone is specially suited for kids and for relaxation. Ideally visit this zone after lunch or during evening time)

Must Visit : Splash Ahoy (This is a fun water ride. Adults and Kids both will love this)

Average : Bandits of Robin Hood, Loch Ness Expplorers, Save the Pirate, Bump it Boats, Tubbby Takes Off (Merry – go – around)

Food & Shopping:

Roberto’s Food Coaster, The Imagica Village – Shopping, Arrmada – For Coffee, ZeZe Bar + Grill Restaurant, Red Bonnet American Dinner, The Imagica Capital – Buffet Restaurant

What I liked:

– The division of the part into 6 zones viz Asiana, Arabia, Viva Europa, India, America and Jambo Africa. Each zones had a theme.

– The security arrangements as well as the efforts and attention to detail behind making rides in order to ensure the thrill and the excitement remains intact till the last.

– Kudos to the staff working at Imagica. They were courteous, well-trained and also super helpful.

My Cheat codes:

– Try to visit Imagica preferably during weekdays as it would be comparatively less crowded than weekends.

–  It’s almost impossible to complete all the rides and the entire park in a single day if you start badly? So aim to get into the park as soon it opens at 11 am. This would reduce the long waiting period for each rides to some extent.

–  After 7 pm there is relatively less waiting period for rides as most of the people leave Imagica by 7 pm. For ex: there was 0 waiting period for us to take a ride of Deep Space in the evening after 7:45 pm whereas the waiting period for the same in the afternoon was around 30-45 mins.

–  The park is more suited for adults and not for kids especially for those whose height is less than 4 feet. For more info please check this out. Rides for children’s :

–  Food: There are 5 different restaurants at the park that serve various cuisines. There’s a free entry for children below 3 years. There are currently no ATM facilities within the park.

Overall, Thumbs Up from my end! I would rate Adlabs Imagica 4.5/5 🙂


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