Month: August 2013

70th Independence Day – Imagining a Developed India.

To celebrate 70th Independence Day – 15th August 2016, I’d like to first dedicate some lines from a prayer for our countrymen.

Oh Almighty, bless all my people to work and transform 
Our country from a developing into a developed nation. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAYFAAAAJDRhODJkNTRkLTliN2ItNGFiMC04OGEwLTJiMjA0YmEzYzJhYw
Let this second vision be born out of sweat of my people, 
And bless our youth to live in Developed India. 

Being Indian and Proud to be Indian- Today I would like to share a conversation that I heard two days back between a group of youth [In the age group 22-30 yrs] in Mumbai Local Train the so called “Life line of Mumbai”

1st person said “Yaar kal 15th Aug ki chutti hai. Chal koi outing plan karte hai”

To which the 2nd person replied.”Sahi hai yaar.Mujhe bhi kal chutti hai.Chal Matheran jaate hai.Aaj mere office mai Independence day Celebration hai.”

Now the 3rd person replied,” Mere office mai bhi Aaj Independence Day Celebration Hai,Pura Din Time pass hoga. Kaash yeh Independence Day har month aata, Desh ka toh koi chance nahi hai par hum sab ka toh bala hoga” To which everyone started laughing.

Hearing this conversation, Some questions came across my mind.

Is this the way Majority of the Youth (known as the Future of India) think? I seriously hope no, But If yes, then Can India ever become a Developed Nation??

Is Patriotism just a mere word which is known to most, but felt by few?? 

Feeling of Patriotism arises only during the Indian Cricket Matches, Independence Day, Republic Day and during the National Anthem played in the Theaters. 

The tastes of most of the Youth has indeed changed.

– Videsh is preferred over Swades. 

– Being Practical & Thinking about Yourself is considered “IN FASHION”& Being Patriotic and Thinking about others or society or country is considered as “OUT OF FASHION”! 

– Delhi Belly is Loved & appreciated and given a Super Hit Verdict. Swades, Jodha Akbar, Lakshya for most is not entertaining, very long and an okay movie. 

I don’t believe in discriminating individuals based on caste or religion and above all I am Indian first and wish every person of this country try to understand this huge responsibility of Freedom …..

I proudly salute all the men and women of our armed forces,naval forces and air force and also their families.

I have a lot to write but let me close this post with a simple message :- 

Remember, it’s not the policies, it’s not the government. Its not the figures, its not
the projections. It’s not the surveys, its not the experts. It is the Youth and their dreams that is going to define and change the face of new India .

Chal Chale…Jo Tum Chalo, Toh Hum Chale 
Aur Jo Hum Chale, Toh Hindustan Chale.


+++ Building friendships – A world full of love +++

It’s been a while since I have written anything & there could not be any thing better to write about than the Friendship Day. When the entire world is bragging about ‘True Friendship’ by sharing Friendship day posts and tagging their friends on ‘Facebook’ & tweeting about it on ‘Twitter’…how could I be left behind? So let me begin my post by wishing all my friends all over the world a very Happy Friendship Day (HFD).

Happy Friendship Day - PK

I love making friends and have been truly blessed to have such a great friend circle which has always increased. This post is a small tribute to all my living friends which includes all my best friends, good friends, school & college friends, office friends, area friends, Internet friends (MS/FB/Twitter etc) so on & so forth and also Non living friends that consists of all the books that I have read, Experiences that I had etc. Everybody has their own definition of ‘Friendship’. For me ‘ True friendship’ = 100% Trust + Comfort, 0% Ego & 0% Jealousy.

I believe we LIVE in a so called ‘Practical world’ today which we are so proud of that somewhere down the line we tend to overlook the delicate, intricate bond of friendship.. We live in a world where people are connected more electronically & less emotionally, where there are more options available. It hurts but it’s a truth. Human beings are best when it comes to adaptability & hence as and when we change environments we make more new friends and in the process most of the times tend to forget our old friends as we take them for granted. This gives rise to ego clashes and continues for days, then months & then years until that very essence of friendship disappears and the only way then we remain in touch with them is by wishing them a very HFD once a year via sms or FB/Twitter or some other electronic means 😦 Sad, once our partners-in-crime now just become a small part of a day once a year!

Let’s change this. Let’s ensure that our friendship don’t go down the same way as mentioned above. Let’s not forget our old friends in the process of finding the new ones. Let’s use this opportunity & celebrate friendship day in its truest sense by connecting emotionally & not electronically! Let’s forget our ego’s if any, take time from our so called busy schedule and keep the spirit of friendship alive by celebrating friendship day everyday. Let’s get back to our so called partners-in-crime & continue the unforgettable legacy of Total Madness & leg pulling sessions, Crazy night-outs/parties, Adventure Trips & Hangouts etc.

Remember, The greatest gift that we can give to our friend is the gift of our time.

I end my post with a special mention to all my friends. Thank you for being there & enriching my life and making it worth living with your ever-lasting presence.

“Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend.” ~ Albert Camus

Disclaimer: This post is my personal views & is not intended to hurt anybody’s sentiments. Any co-incidence to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental 🙂