Month: May 2013

Home is where your Mom is : Happy Mother’s Day to all

It’s a Mother’s day today so let me begin this post with a special Mother’s day wish to my amazing and super 3 M’s – My Mom, My Badi Maa and My Grandmom. God has been really kind to me and I have been really fortunate to get so much love and support from my dearest 3 M’s. To all the Mother’s Everywhere: Happy Mother’s Day

We live in a very busy and competitive world today where unfortunately electronic connection has taken over emotional connection. Most of us have fallen to a syndrome called ‘Taken for Granted’ where we take those who are dearest and closest to us, those who have influenced us and contributed immensely to our success for granted. Forget appreciating and acknowledging their support some of us feel that they are just doing their duties and fulfilling their responsibilities. Let’s get rid of this syndrome by expressing our love and care to them and appreciate their unprecedental support to us.

This Mother’s day I would like to thank and appreciate all my 3 M’s:

– For giving me birth and letting me see the world along with such a wonderful upbringing.

– For being my number one Super FAN and Super CRITIC and always making me feel special and valued.

– For lighting up my life with your unconditional love despite all my flaws.

– For always teaching me to love and help others, treat everyone with respect specially girls.

– For always encouraging me to be independent and take my own decisions in life without any regrets.

– For being my best friend and guide and always been there when I needed you.

– For your innumerable ‘Daants.’ It is the best thing that ever happened to me.

– Last but not the least for all those little and big things that you did for me and rarely got thanked for it.

Thank you for everything that you have done for me in the past, are doing at present and will be doing in the future. I would also like to wish all the Mother’s everywhere across the world a very Happy Mother’s Day! It’s rightly said that “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.” Thank you for giving us the gift of life.