Month: April 2013

The Girl in White Churidar (Part 3) – When I Knew Her Name!!

“Hi, I am fine!” She answered reluctantly looking surprised.

“That’s nice. It’s a pleasure to meet you again.” I said expecting her to ask me about myself but instead with a tinge of arrogance in her voice she told me, “Can you please excuse me, I’m busy right now!”

“Ok. I’m so sorry to disturb you!” I replied and left even though I didn’t wanted to leave :-(. Expectation Kills!!

The Girl in White Churidar - Part 3

Her not-so-warm-greeting-cum-arrogant behavior puzzled me and my mind instantly started looking out for solutions to solve this puzzle. Why did she behave so strangely? Was it because she was uncomfortable talking to me in front of her family and friends? Was she in a relationship? Did she come to know that I liked her? I had no clue on how to solve this puzzle. I was angry and hurt and at the same time decided that I wouldn’t talk to her unless she comes and talks back to me. But the moment I saw her again I forgot the decision that I took a few seconds back. That’s the problem with guys when they like any girl genuinely they become shameless; forget all their ego, self-respect etc so how could I be left behind :-). I convinced myself that I would do what my heart tells to and make every effort possible to win her over. With this self motivating thought, I enjoyed the rest of the SAGAI ceremony and finally went over to my room.

The Groundwork BEGINS :

I wanted to know if the girl had attended the function from the bride’s end or the bridegroom’s end. The very next day I met my friend Mohit and showed him the picture of that girl which I had taken in my camera. I casually enquired about her whereabouts. He told me that this girl was his would be Jiju’s cousin and stays in Delhi. She had come to Mumbai to attend the marriage and also spend few months here as she was looking for an internship. Without wasting much time I asked him if he can introduce me formally to her. He looked at me suspiciously with a mischievous smile and said that he would try. I asked him what her name was, “Ritika Oberoi”, he said and left continuing his mischievous smile. ‘Ritika’ meant ‘Movement’. No wonder this girl had moved my heart 🙂

Formal Introduction :

Early morning next day Mohit came to my room and told me that he would introduce me to Ritika that day. I instantly got up and started my rehearsals of How to Impress a Girl? I read many articles online which to be honest seemed of 3C’s i.e. cheesy, crappy and cheap. After thinking a lot on what would I ask her or tell her I finally decided that I would not plan anything but be my normal self and not FAKE someone who I am not. If she likes it good for her if she doesn’t then it’s her loss 😛

Mohit and I finally met at his house. As suggested by him I had worn a white shirt and jeans with a casual jacket. Most of the girls that I knew had told me that white shirts suits guys so Mohit’s suggestion could not be rejected. Ritika was already there and was seen chatting with a group of guys and girls, which I assumed were her friends. I had told Mohit to tell some good things about me as well as take her friends away from her and leave both of us alone as it would help me know her better.

Har Ek friend Kamina hota hai and so was Mohit he told me that he wouldn’t do this for free as it involves risk. I hesitantly agreed and asked him what he wants he told me that he would ask it at the right time. I agreed. Mohit fulfilled his promised and introduced me to Ritika and left us alone by taking her friends away from her. It was my opportunity.

Before I could ask her anything she said, “I’m sorry for my behavior yesterday, was in a bad mood”.

“It’s perfectly fine. I can understand. You don’t have to be sorry.” I said feeling better with the thought that she did think about me.

“Thank you for understanding me.” She said. Every girl in this planet wants someone who understands them, listens to them, pampers them, and makes them feel special every moment. It felt good that I crossed the first step of understanding her.

“So Ritika what do you do?”

“I am studying Fashion Designing from New Delhi into my 3rd year of degree now.” She said.

“That’s not surprising at all.” I answered back.

“Hmm…Did Mohit tell you about it?” She asked curiously.

“No I could make that out with your appearance and dressing sense.” I answered smilingly.

She smiled back. I felt good that I played a small role behind that million dollar smile of hers.

“What do you do?” For the first time she asked me something about me.

“I am doing my 3rd year of Engineering.” I replied with a smile.

“That’s not surprising at all.” She replied back flashing her smile.

“Hmm…Did Mohit tell you about it?” Now I asked her back curiously.

“No I could make that out with your appearance and dressing sense.”She replied back. Her smile had now turned into laughter. Mine too and we both laughed.

She was smarter than I expected. Indeed a rare combination of beauty with brains 🙂