Month: March 2013

The Girl in White Churidar (Part 2) – Jab We Met Again

After Effects:

Days passed into weeks, weeks passed into months but it was getting difficult for me to get that girl out of my mind. I never thought that I would be mesmerized and blown away by a stranger for so long. I blamed myself for not asking her name and contact information. My mind was battling with two contradictory thoughts: One of not thinking about her which was not happening inspite of me trying to get her out of my mind and other of how to meet her again.

I had decided that I would express my feelings to her when we meet again as it was better to tell the truth, express yourself and fail rather than Not try, hide the truth and regret for lifetime. Being an eternal optimist, I still had 50% chances as she would either say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. But this was possible only when I could meet her again. The biggest problem was I had no idea of how to find her as I knew nothing about her except that I had fallen for her.

The Search Begins:

I began my search by visiting the same place (i.e. the same beach & same CCD) around the same time when I had met her in previous two occasions. The Girl in White Churidar I would wait for 1-2 hours but unfortunately could not trace her. This exercise continued for around 2-3 months but all my efforts to search her went invain. At the same time I couldn’t concentrate 100% on any other work. Like a magnet I was attracted towards her. I had lost hope of meeting her ever again in my life but somehow I had a gut feeling that destiny or fate would give me an another chance of meeting her.

Jab We Met Again 🙂

“Itni shiddat se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai,
ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazish ki hai.” –SRK

More than a year had passed since I had last met her but I still remembered each moment of that day and wished and prayed that I meet her once again. And that moment came and how 🙂

The world is indeed round and we met again. I went to attend my school friend’s sister SAGAI ceremony. Being very close to my friend’s family I couldn’t afford to miss all the pre-wedding ceremonies. It was a typical Punjabi Sagai function; with the hall beautifully decorated with colorful flowers and lightings. Everyone looked great, mostly the ones who wore traditional outfits and the girls who wore sarees, salwars and churidars. According to me girls look their best when they were Indian outfits specially sarees. I was chatting and clicking pictures with my group of friends when all of a sudden my eyes fell on the face that I was searching desperately from the last 1 year. I rubbed my eyes to confirm if I was in a state of hallucination or day –dreaming or was it a reality. I instantly took a pic of hers without her knowing about it in my camera and cross-verified if I was right. Yes it was the same girl in the white churidar. Not surprisingly she looked beautiful, elegant and stunning yet again. She was wearing a blue cum red colored dress with similar matching bangles, earrings. She had applied Mehendi on her hand and was clapping and chatting with her friends without realizing that I was watching her. God had given me another chance and this time I didn’t wanted to waste it. I went to her and greeted her, “Hi, How are you?”


The Girl in White Churidar

The Setting:

It was a chilled evening and I was staring at the sea waves enjoying the cold breeze blowing over my face. The sun was beating down and the sunset painted the sky to various colors. I ordered a tea to drink from the nearby stall and got upon the wall built as a fence to sit.

The Incidence:

I spotted a young and beautiful female face sitting few feet’s away from me. Love at first sight quotes She resembled someone who I had met before but I couldn’t make out when. Her face was round shaped with a lovely dimple that appeared on her left cheek. Her hair was dense and dark black in color reaching just below her shoulders. Her big and brown eyes looked more attractive as she had applied kohl in it which was enough to hypnotize any living soul who stared into them for a moment or two. This is what I love about girls; they will spend good amount of time in pampering and beautifying themselves every time they walk out of their house and giving boys like us a reason to live 🙂

Well, moving ahead towards her nose, it was of average length yet very elegant. Her rosy lips with a gentle touch of lip gloss appeared to me as if she just sucked sweet nectar out of a rose. She was looking absolutely stunning in a white churidar with contrast bindi on her forehead. She had the most beautiful and subtle smile I had ever witnessed in my lifetime and with that smile she was facing the sea looking deep inside the blue water. In short she had struck each and every string and chord of my dead and rusty heart which was devoid of romance since my last heartbreak.

Her facial expression seemed to tell me that thousands of thoughts ran through her mind. The wind every now and then would blow her hair on her face and she would gently tuck the strands of hair back behind her ear with her finger and again got engrossed in her own thought pleasant ones probably, as the smile on her face tenaciously settled there.

Meanwhile I was forcing my brain to find out where I have met her before but my constant attempt to remember seemed unsuccessful. She was looking like a princess and I was in complete awe of her 🙂 I knew that if you stare at a girl for a while then she has this power of somehow knowing it immediately. Perhaps that’s why the few squinted eye-contacts that we shared between us must have given her a hint that I was gazing at her. I turned my eyes to other direction as soon as she saw me but I kept looking her from the corner of my eye every alternate second and suddenly my eyes got glued to her when I saw her smiling at me. I could feel a thunder running through my body shivering each nerve of mine.

She got up from her place and started walking towards the gate. Curious and confused me now got up following her to know where she was heading. I followed her till few meters but suddenly she got disappeared as my following movement was halted by the roadside traffic. By the time I could get out of this traffic she was out of my sight but was still in my mind. I tried searching her everywhere in the hope that I would find her but unfortunately could not trace her. Dejected I started leaving when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was and to my surprise it was that same girl who I was searching for few minutes back. She smiled at me and this time I smiled back. “Thank you for the help”, she said and left. Before I could react she again disappeared and I was left wondering why she said so.

After two days of scratching my heads and exercising my mind I finally got the answer to this puzzle. She was the same girl I had given my sit few months back when traveling in a train. Few days later I saw her again at CCD with her friends. I went towards her and said,”You’re welcome.” She smiled, I smiled and then we both parted. I kept walking and humming the song by James Blunt called “You’re beautiful”, which spoke each and every word that my heart tried to express at that moment.  

 The Experience:

That girl was the most beautiful face I had seen in last two and half years. I regretted that I couldn’t meet her more but at the same time was left amazed of the momentary warmth and life I felt in my heart because of a stranger.  

Life is really crazy; few people come in our life for few moments but live behind thousand reasons to think about them, just the way that girl in white churidar left one for me 🙂